A child watches puppies playing in a field....a man sees a hawk soar majestically over the mountains....a woman observes dolphins leaping among the waves....

For as long as mankind has existed, he has dreamed of running with the animals, of being like an animal. And the Dreaming answered, giving birth to the Pooka. Fae who could leave the cares and worries of the human world behind and romp and play and hunt as beasts. They could enter a world where nothing mattered beyond a warm place to sleep and where their next meal was coming from.

The Pooka have always-

Pooka Cultural Info!
Origins of the Pooka
Opinions of Other Dreamkin
The Dreaming, Dream-Burrows, etc. etc.
The Complete Guide to Lying!
Codes and Laws
Pooka Holidays!
The Pooka at War!
Real World Stories of the Pooka
A Pookarific FAQ!
A Pooka Lexicon? Yup
The Jokebook (watch for flying puns!)
The Stash (i.e., game stuff)!
The Animal Affinities
Abilities, and How Pooka Use 'Em!
Cantrips for Pooka! Duck!
Merits & Flaws (from the Kithbook)
Merits & Flaws (from other books)
All New Merits & Flaws!
Pooka Treasures!
Links and Assorted Thingies!
Hey! Whatcha doing?

Huh? Oh, hi Kylie. I'm telling people about the Pooka. Now please don't inter-

Really? On this computer thingie here? Lemme see! Hi people!

Kylie! Please leave my keyboard alone! I'm trying to work here!

Oh, lemme help! I'm not a Pooka, but I know a few! I can advise you and stuff!

*sighs* That would be fine, Kylie. In fact, it would be a huge help to get things from the Pooka perspective. And you are too a Pooka.

Pooka? Where'd you get a silly idea like that?

Um, maybe the fact you have wings and a problem dealing with the truth? Anyway, folks, this here is Kylie. She's a Pooka, with an affinity for ravens.

Ravens rule the world, baby!!!

She is also 16 years old, folks.

Excuuuuuuuuuse me, but I'm 17, Mr. Know-it-all!

Not for another year yet! *sigh* Okay, shall we get started?

If you insist!

Cool! Okay, the following are various resources and stuff about Pooka, both in the Changeling: the Dreaming RPG and from real world sources. It's the complete Pooka experience! Kylie also throws in her comments here and there (so be warned). Enjoy!

Contact the Pooka Webmaster!

Most Recent Update: October 12th, 2004
Just straightening a few things up.

If you see any messed up pages or broken pictures, let me know so I can fix it. Thanks!

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