Given the wide range of features and powers pooka can possess, it should be no suprise that pooka have developed an assortment of unusual abilities that other fae would not normally have. Flying is a skill many bird pooka would develop and pass on to their fellows, for example. This page features several new Secondary Abilities that can be taken by pooka characters. There are also older Secondary Abilities that should be considered for pooka of certain affinities. Like other Secondary Abilities, they are typically cheaper to purchase than standard Abilities, but that is up to your Storyteller.


You have been blessed with wings, real working wings, and you can take to the skies and soar free. It is a gift few other fae will ever experience, and you take any opportunity to go get some altitude.
While any character with wings get fly from point A to point B without looking too inept, Flight represents your developed ability for real aerial agility. With Flight, you can navigate accurately, squeeze through small spaces while airborne and perform more and more comlicated aerobatic maneuvers. This Talent also covers actions such as pulling out of falls, landing on small or slippery surfaces and picking up things without landing first (flyby snagging of snacks!)

*You can take off and land without crashing (a lot).
**Weaving between trees and buildings is not much of a problem.
***Power dives and barrel rolls are simple tricks to you now.
****Your flying is aerial ballet. No natural creature can keep up with you.
*****A triple spinning loop-de-loop through a ring of fire while blindfolded? Piece of cake!
Possessed by: Bird Pooka, Bat Pooka, Flying Insect Pooka, other Fae with the Winged Merit
Specialties: Combat Maneuvers, Tailing, High-Altitude Surveillance, Dive-Bombing, Aerobatics

Whether to entertain or deceive, your voice is versatile enough to fake accents, animal sounds, mechanical noises or mimic specific voices. Your larnyx is an incredible instrument. if your skillful enough, you might even fool voice-keyed security systems and computers. Rich Little can eat his heart out.

*You can fake a few accents or impersonate famous celebrities.
** Your accents can fool anyone but a native speaker, you can impresonate a wide range of celebrities, and do a few basic bird calls and animal sounds.
***You could make a living as a celebrity impresionist. After studying someone for a few hours, you could fake their voice well enough to fool anyone but a close friend. Your range of bird and animal sounds is wider.
**** You can impersonate well enough to fool people on the phone and pass as a native speaker of an accent similar to your own. You can do a wide range of animal and technological sounds.
*****That guy from the Police Acedemy movies is an amatuer compared to you.
Possessed by: Hunters, Comedians, Pranksters, Raven, Mockingbird and Parrot Pooka
Specialties: Accents, Celebrities, Birds and Animals, Mechanical Sounds, Vocal Impersonation


Many animals are noted for their incredible agility and flexibility, and you've learned to translate that into gymnastic skill. Tumbling, backflips, handstands, cartwheels and other such tricks are in your bag.
For each dot in this Skill, your character can ignore one Health Level of damage from falling. For example, a cat pooka with Acrobatics 4 can fall up to 30 feet without injury. Cats always land on their feet, and so can you. This Skill can also be paired with Dexterity to roll for great leaps and other wild acrobatic feats.

*You can do a sommersault without screwing it up.
**You can do a few tricks well.
***College gymnastics team member.
****Jackie Chan!
*****Cirque du Soliel has nothing on you.
Possessed by: Cat pooka, spider pooka and othe nimble affinities
Specialties: Sports, Dancing, Martial Arts, Enhanced Jumping/Falling, Circus Acts

Animal Ken
Animals do not behave in the same manner as human beings, and no oen understands this better than the Pooka. You have the ability to gain insight into an animal's instinctual drives and undertsand their actions. Not only can you predict what an animal may do in a given situation, but you know just how to calm or enrage them. This Skill is also useful in training animals.

*Rex will let you pet him.
**You can housebreak a puppy.
***You can train seeing-eye dogs.
****You cna train circus animals.
*****You cna domesticate wild animals.
Possessed by: Pooka, Park Rangers, Animal Handlers, Zoo Keepers, Circus Trainers, Dog Handlers, Werewolves
Specialties: Specific Animals (Dogs, Cats, Birds, etc.), Animal Husbandry, Chimerical Beasts

This is the ability of small burrowing mammals to dig tunnels (without the use of tools) and safely get about in them. Pooka with affinities for such animals can also benefit from such a Skill. It also includes the ability to navigate underground. It can be rather time-consuming. Pooka who think they can dig a tunnel in a matter of seconds have been watching to many Bugs Bunny cartoons.

*You can dig a hole.
**You can find your way around underground.
***Your tunnels don't collapse....usually.
****Your tunnel networks are expansive and maze-like.
*****You could dig to China....if it weren't for all that pesky magma.
Possessed by:Mole Pooka, Badger Pooka, Groundhog Pooka, Mice Pooka, etc.
Specialties: Navigation, Tunneling, Hard Earth

Cats and monkeys are known as great climbers. Spiders and other insicets can even walk up walls or hang from ceilings. Some of that skill from your affinity may have passed over to you. You can climb mountains and/or walls and seldom have any fear of falling. The technical skills of chimneying, spike-setting and rappelling are all well-known to you, although, depending on your skill, you may be good or indifferent at them. Remember, mountain climbing at night is far more difficult than a daylight climb unless you can see in the dark.

*You can scale gentle slopes or walls with handholds.
**You go on mountaineering vacations. You cna climb heavily-weathered stone or brick walls.
***You work as a mountaineering instructor. You can climb moderately rough stone and brick walls.
****You've done at least a couple of famous peaks. You cna fre-climb a fairly smooth stone or brick wall.
*****Everest and K2 are mild hikes. You could free-climb the World trade Center. Spider-Man eat your heart out.
Possessed by: Cat Pooka, Spider Pooka, Monkey Pooka, Squirrel Pooka, Mountaineers, Burglars, Enthusiasts
Specialties: Cliffs, Hiking, Ice, Trees, Buildings, Free-climbing, Rappelling

Depending on affinity, some pooka are natural swimmers. Without this Skill, you can keep yourself afloat at the very least. Normal swimming speed is eight yards (plus Dexterity) a turn. A swimmer can increase his speed to 12 yards (plus Dexterity) per turn if he is doing nothing but swimming.
With the Swimming Skill, however, you can try to swim faster than normal; roll Stamina + Swimming, difficulty 7, and add three yards to your swimming speed per success (one roll per turn). Some versions of the Pooka Merit Physical Abnormality may further increase this speed.

*You can swim.
**You can swim quickly or for extended periods.
****Swim Team
*****Olympic Gold
Possessed by: Athletes, Lifeguards, Scuba Divers, Fish and Seal Pooka, and almost anyone
Specialties: Racing, Distance, Sea, Survival, Lifesaving

Many animals of predatory affinities are skilled trackers. It's in the blood, after all. You can identify the trail of an animal or person and follow it under most conditions. The difficulty of such a feat varies according to the conditions - following fresh tracks in deep snow is easier than following week-old tracks across a concrete sidewalk. Some Merits, such as Acute Vision or Sense of Smell, may aid in Tracking.

*Boy Scout
**Eagle Scout
***Deer Hunter
****Native American Wilderness Guide
*****You can have contests with Garou - and occasionally win.
Possessed by: Hunters, Survivalists, Special Forces, Detectives, Predatory Pooka (Wolves, Big Cats, etc.)
Specialties: Specific Animal (Wolf, Deer, Rabbit...Human), Hard Ground, Urban, Identification


Animal Sciences
Many different sciences focus on the study of different animals. Pooka often go out of their way to learn everything they can about their own affinity species. This Knowledge represents your scientific lore of a particular type of animal; it's biology, history, psychology and sociology. Each type of Animal Science must be taken seperately. Some examples are Ornithology (the study of birds) and Entomology (the study of insects).

*You know the differnet names and general history of the animal.
**You have a working knowledge of the animal's behavior and physiology.
***You could write a decent book on the animal.
****You possess extensive knoweldge of the animal
*****You are a highly regarded expert in your field.
Possessed by:Environmentalists, Pooka
Specialties:Ornithology (birds), Entomology (insects), Herpetology (reptiles and amphibians), Ichthyolofy (fish), Arachnology (arachnids), Mammology (mammals)

Pooka have a special connection to the natural world, so it is unsuprising that many pursue knowledge and careers in environmental sciences. With Ecology, you understand the relation of plant and animal life to the well-being of the Earth. Your comprehension of the mutual support networks of flora and fauna informs your actions and helps you spot areas of the world that need special attention. You need one dot in Science as a prerequisite for this Knowledge.

*You know the basics of the food-chain theory.
**You could teach basic high school ecology.
***You understand the principles of eco systems, controlled habitats, biospheres and other technical aspects of the environment.
****You are a pioneer in environmental research and theory.
*****International authorities on global warming and endangered species come to you for advice.
Possessed by: Ecologists, Environmental Activists, Pooka, Werebeasts
Specialties: Global Warming, Endangered Species, Biosphere Management

Given their connections to nature, some Pooka learn the secrets of herbalism. You have a working knowledge of herbs and their properties, medicinal and otherwise. You can find and prepare herbs, and know which herb or blend of herbs to use in any situation. This knowledge will also provide the magical lore of plants and, for Fae, covers the many wonderous chimerical herbs as well.

*You read a book on the subject once.
**Serious student.
***Local supplier.
****Author of books on herbalism.
*****Herbal doctor.
Possessed by: Holistic healers, New-Agers, Members of Traditional Cultures, Pooka, Boggans
Specialties: Culinary, Medicinal, Poisonous, Narcotic/Hallucinogenic, Mystic Lore, Chimerical Herbs