Just what can the Merit: Physical Abnormality be used to simulate? What sort of animal abilities can you create? Here is a list (hardly exhaustive) of ideas.

NOTE: An animal's sharp senses are similated using the Merit: Acute Senses (taken once for each sense), while wings are gained with the Merit (or Flaw): Winged (the Merit for flying animals, the Flaw version for flightless birds like penguins or ostriches).

Chameleon Skin
Electrical Shock
Extra Arms/Tentacles
Extra Legs
Ink Spray
Large Lungs
Leaping Legs
Nictitating Membrane
Prehensile Feet
Prehensile Tongue
Shed Skin
Skunk Spray
Stinky Fingers
Venomous Bite
Webbed Digits
Wide-angle Vision

Armor (2 pts. per die of armor): Many animals have tough hides or protective shells and carapaces. With this abnormality, your pooka enjoys the same protection in his fae mien. Each point spent buys one soak die worth of armor, up to a maximum of 4. It protects against all sorts of chimerical damage. If Wyrded, the pooka may add his armor rating to his Stamina score for soaking Bashing damage, and may use his armor die pool to soak Lethal and even Aggravated damage.
Possessed by: turtles, tortoises, crocodiles, alligators, armadillos, lobsters, crabs, various insects...

Chameleon Skin (3 pts.): Unique to chameleon pooka, you can alter the colors and patterns of your skin in order to hide from others. It takes only a thought to activate, but affects only your fae mien. Mundane clothing and items are not effected. It is strictly visual, so you can still be heard and smelled.
When activated, difficulties to spot you are increased by 3 for other fae and chimera, so long as no mundane clothing is worn. This power lasts for one scene or until the user stops using it or is knocked unconscious or killed. This power is useless against non-fae unless they are enchanted or the pooka is Wyrded.
Possessed by: chameleons...

Claws/Pinchers (2 pts.): Your pooka has razor sharp claws (or talons) on his fingers and/or toes, or perhaps lobster-like pinchers replace his hands entirely. They make effective weapons in combat, inflicting Strength +1 damage. When Wyrded, the pooka's claws or pinchers inflict Aggravated damage, just as with any supernatural claws.
Possessed by: cats, dogs, wolves, badgers, wolverines, birds of prey, lobsters, crabs, scorpions, ostriches...

Echolocation (4 pts.): This very odd and fascinating power is only found among bat pooka. This is the ability to emit a high-pitched sound so high that no one but bats and the pooka himself can hear it. This screech bounces off all nearby objects and reflects back to the pooka's ears, who then absorbs the information and gets a general "sound picture" of the immediate area. It is hardly a clear image in the pooka's mind. All objects and people are blurry "things" at best, and no colors or textures of any sort can be learned with this ability. But what it does do is allow the pooka to "see" no matter the light level. His "bat radar" guides him even in magical darkness.
On the down side, this ability requires time and concentration to use, thus the pooka cannot do anything else during the round in which he uses this ability. The number of successes on a Perception + Alertness roll (difficulty 7) determines just how excat the echolocation is. One successes is a very vague picture, while five or more successes detects every pebble on the floor.
A reletive amount of quiet is needed for this abnormality to be effective. Loud sounds, whether from a stereo with the volume turned up high, or the sounds of a pitched battle, interferes with the pooka's echolocation to the point where it is useless.
The pooka must have the Merit: Acute Hearing as a prerequisite this abnormality.
Possessed by: bats

Electrical Shock (5 pts.): The hallmark of electric eel pooka, you can, by touch, deliver an electrical shock. It runs through your whole body, making it dangerous for anyone to touch you in that moment. The shock is only chimerical unless you have called upon the Wyrd, and each use requires the spending of a temporary point of Glamour. The shock inflicts 4 levels of chimerical damage for each use (Lethal damage if Wyrded). Proper insulation can protect individuals from such attacks, but metal armor does not. This shock can have a disrupting effect on electronics if used while Wyrded.
Possessed by: electric eels

Extra Arms/Tentacles (4 pts.): You have more than just two arms. You have extra arms sprouting from your sides, or (in the case of the rare octopus and squid pooka) perhaps you have tenctacles. Whatever they are, these bonus appendages are quite useful. If your normal arms are restrained, you still have hte others to use. Extra arms can be used as normal, without need for die rolls, but tentacles (or other non-human appendages) require a Dexterity + Atheltics roll to manipulate objects with fine precision due to the lack of fingers.
In combat, they add two extra die to Brawl rolls for any attempt to grapple an opponent. They do not provide extra actions in combat (without the Quicksilver or Dream Time cantrips), as it takes too much coordination.
These extra limbs also reduce the difficulty of climbing rolls by -2.
Although the appendages are chimerical, they are real to you and you must make concessions for them (cutting holes in all your shirts, or else keep them bound up under your clothes). Failing to do so binds your extra arms and inflicts a -1 Dexterity penalty. Simply denying the arms' existance gains a temporary point of Banality every time you do so.
Possessed by: spiders, insects, octopi, squid...

Extra Legs (3 pts.): While having extra legs doesn't make you any faster than normal, you do have excellent balance and are much more difficult to knock over. Rolls for feats such as tightrope-walking, tranversing ice, and resisting knockdowns are at -3 difficulty.
As with Extra Arms, you must make mundane allowances for your multiple chimerical legs. So cut some extra holes in your pants.
Possessed by: Almost any animal with more than two legs.

Fangs (2 pts.): As with Claws, the pooka has natural weaponry that can inflict Strength +1 damage, which is aggravated when the pooka calls upon the Wyrd.
Possessed by: cats, dogs, wolves, rats, bats, snakes, alligators, crocodiles, sharks...

Fur (2 pts.): You have really thick fur all over your body, which insulates you against the cold. You gain +3 soak against cold damage. Warning, you may be sweating up a storm come summer. Pooka without this abnormality may still have fur in their fae miens, but it simply isn't thick enough to provide any benefit.
Possessed by: many mammals
Gills (4 pts.): This abnormality allows the pooka to breathe underwater, plain and simple. Of course, the gills don't work in the presence of mundanes unless you enchant them or call upon the Wyrd.
Possessed by: fish and sharks

Horns/Antlers (2 pts.): You have a horn or horns or antlers mounted on your head in some fashion, and you may use them to gore enemies. They might be bull horns (or moose antlers) on either side of your skull, elephant tusks protruding from both sides of your mouth or a rhino horn jutting out of the center of your face! The horns, whatever their number and arrangement, do Strength +1 damage (aggravated when Wyrded).
Possessed by: bulls, rhinos, elephants, elk, moose...

Ink Spray (3 pts.): Like an octopus, you can spray a cloud of ink from our mouth. But the bonus is you can do this when you are outside of the water as well! After spending a temporary point of Glamour, you can open your mouth and fill a 10 by 10 by 10 foot space with ink. This ink is chimerical. It clouds vision, imposing a +3 difficulty penalty to all vision-based Perception rolls made within the cloud. The cloud of ink dissapates after two rounds, however.
Possessed by: octopus...

Large Lungs (2 pts.): Not as effective as gills, but able to be used in in front of unenchanted mortals, large lungs allows the pooka to hold his breath for longer periods of time. The lungs are slightly larger than normal human lungs and are far more efficient. A pooka with this abnormality can hold his breath for up to an hour, regardless of his Stamina score, or up to five minutes during combat.
Possessed by: dolphins, whales, alligators, crocodiles, frogs, toads...

Leaping Legs (2 pts.): You have some powerful legs there, and you can jump far with them. This abnormality allows you to double your normal jumping range as long as you are unobserved by unenchanted mortals. The effectiveness of the cantrip Hopscotch by a pooka with this abnormality is increased as well. If the cantrip is successfully cast, treat the result as if an extra success was scored (a casting with 2 successes allows the pooka to jump two-stories straight up or 60-feet in a broad jump).
Possessed by: frogs, toads, rabbits, bushbabies, grasshoppers...

Nictitating Membrane (2 pts.): Your eyes have an extra set of eyelids, with are transparent. With them, you can see normally underwater.
Possessed by: aquatic reptiles, amphibians...

Pouch (2 pts.): Like a marsupial, you have a natural pouch on your stomach area. You can store small chimerical items in it, but it is too small to hold another fae. Small chimera could fit, however.
Possessed by: kangaroos and other marsupials...

Prehensile Feet (2 pts.): Your feet can be used like hands, the toes as flexible as fingers. Using your feet, you can pick up and manipulate items, shoot guns, wield melee weapons, type on a computer, etc.
Possessed by: monkeys, chimps....

Prehensile Tongue (3 pts.): The pooka's tongue is unusally long and flexible, sometimes sticky, and is able to use it like an additional limb. The tongue is two feet long, and can be used to pick up or manipulate objects with a successful Dexterity + Athletics roll (difficulty 7). The tongue can only lift weight as if the Pooka's Strength score was 1.
Possessed by: frogs, toads, some lizards...

Quills (4 pts.): Your head, back and forearms are covered in long, sharp quills, thus giving you an excellent defense and weapon. Quills are actually just hair, but are far larger, hard and pointed on the end. These quills inflict four dice of damage to anyone that tries to grapple you (aggravated if the pooka is Wyrded). Slashing with the quills on the forearms inflicts Strength +1 damage (aggravated if Wyrded).
Possessed by: hedgehogs, porcupines...

Shed Skin (4 pts.): You can shed your skin like a reptile at will. While real reptiles only shed their skin when they outgrow it or molt with the change of seasons, you can do it at anytime through simple concentration. With a successful Dexterity + Survival roll (difficulty 7), the pooka can automatically escape any successful grappling hold by another fae or chimera. It can only be used to escapes holds by unenchanted mortals if the pooka has called upon the Wyrd. This power also reduces by 2 the difficulties to squeeze through tight spaces or to slip off restraints such as handcuffs.
Possessed by: reptiles

Skunk Spray (4 pts.): You have the power to spray a foul-smelling liquid from your body. While skunks actually emit their spray from their hindquarters, skunk pooka are not forced to do so in the fae miens (though they must in their animal miens). You can emit this spray from your hands or mouth, or, if you must, your butt (which makes for great fart jokes).
It requires a Dexterity + Athletics roll (diff 6) to spray a target successfully. Once struck, the spray remains on the victim for up to a week and cannot be easily washed off.
The target and anyone within ten feet of him lost two die for all their die pools due to the horrid stench. No fae has ever made a Pepe Le Pew joke at a skunk pooka twice.
Possessed by: skunks, stinkbugs...

Spinnerets (5 pts.): Like a spider, your fae mien has spinnerets, allowing you to spin webs. Usually located on your forearms, you can generate chimerical webbing for a multitude of purposes. While they aren't as useful as Spider-Man's web shooters, they are damned cool.
It does take energy to generate the webbing. Every use of your spinnerets requires the expenditure of a Glamour point. Each use produces 10 square feet of chimerical webbing, or one 100 foot long strand. The webbing can be sticky or not when you create it (your choice). It has an effective strength of 5 for holding living beings, and 4 Health Levels for attempts to cut through it.
Possessed by: spiders

Sticky Fingers (4 pts.): The pooka's fingers and toes can secrete a sticky substance that allows for instant bonding to objects. Such a pooka, as long as his hands and feet are not covered, may "wall-crawl" and even hanging upside-down from ceilings with a successful Dexterity + Athletics roll.
Furthermore, you can grapple opponents more easily and are harder to disarm or have handheld objects snatched away from you. Any attempts the pooka makes to grapple an opponent gain one automatic success, while attempts to disarm the pooka or take a handheld object away from him are at +2 difficulty.
Possessed by: tree frogs, gecko lizards, spiders, flies...

Tails: Many animals have tails. This versatile abnormality allows a pooka to have and use a tail in her fae mien. Note that this abnormality simply gives you a useful tail. Pooka can still have tails without buying the Physical Abnormality Merit, but such tails will be useless beyond looking neat.
Prehensil Tail (3 pts.): Pooka with this sort of tail are able to use their tail almost like a third hand, manipulating objects as they see fit (plus, it's not gross like a prehensile tongue!). To use it properly, roll Dexterity + Athletics (diff. 7). The tail can only lift as much as weight as the pooka's Strength score divided by 2 (rounded down).
Possessed by: cats, monkeys, mice, rats...
Striking Tail (2 pts.): This sort of tail is thick and heavy, and is better used to club opponents rather than use objects. When successfully striking a target, the tail inflicts Strength +2 Bashing damage. An alternative includes a whip-like tail rather than a clubbing one.
Possessed by: alligators, crocodiles, beavers, snakes...
Scorpion Tail (4 pts.): Exclusive to the rare scorpion pooka, this segmented tail has a poisonous stinger on the end, allowing the pooka to inject venom into a target as well as stabbing them. The tail inflicts Strength +1 damage (Aggravated when Wyrded), and any venom injected can only do one die worth's of damage (Lethal when Wyrded) unless the pooka has the Venomous Attack Merit as well.
Possessed by: scorpions

Venomous Bite (4 pts.): Like the Fangs Abnormality, you have razor sharp teeth, but here you also have the ability to inject poison when you bites someone. The fangs do Strength +1 damage (Aggravated when Wyrded), but the poison will only do one die of damage (Lethal when Wyrded) unless you also have the Venomous Attack Merit.
Possessed by: poisonous snakes

Webbed Digits (3 pts.): Your fingers and toes are webbed (they have flaps of skin between each finger and toe), and they allow you to swim easier than normal. Your swimming speed in doubled and all Swimming rolls are made at -1 difficulty.
Possessed by: Fish, sharks, whales, dolphins...

Wide-angle Vision (2pts.): You have large eyes that bulge partly out of their sockets. It's rather disturbing to look at, but you do gain the advantage of a wider field of vision than other fae. You can see far off to the side without needing to turn your head, and your periphial vision makes you more difficult to sneak up on. Opponents suffer a +2 difficulty to sneak up on you as long as your eyes are open.
Alternatively, your eyes are multi-faceted like a fly's. These have the same effect as above.
Possessed by: frogs, toads, iguanas, flies, other insects...