Pooka are not all cute puppies and kitties and bunnies playing pranks. It has been revealed that pooka are as diverse as the Animal Kingdom itself! If there is an animal in existance, there's bound to have been a pooka with an affinity for it at some point in time.

Admittedly, some affinities are more common than others. This is why it was previously beleived that Pooka only came in the cute, fuzzy variety. They were more common that the more dangerous and/or less cute animals. But lately, the full spectrum of Pooka has come to light.

However, the cute, fuzzy, harmless animal affinities are still the most common. To represent this, there is a ranking system for affinities, based on their rarity.

Rarity Factor (RF): Rated from 0-5, these ratings show you what animals are more common than others. Animals with a Rarity Factor of 0 are freely taken, but affinities rated 1-5 may, at the Storyteller's discretion, cost Freebie Points equal to the RF. So an animal with Rarity Factor: 3 may cost 3 Freebie Points at character creation.

Be sure to review every section for the animal you are looking for. For example, "birds" is a category found in the Common, Uncommon, Exotic and Rare sections. You would need to look at each to find the exact kind of bird you want. Entries such as these are cross-linked for your convenience.

If there is an animal missing, let me know! The Pooka Webmaster

Common Animal Affinities
The most common affinities you'll find.

Uncommon Animal Affinities
Slightly less common animals, but still reasonably abundant.

Exotic Animal Affinities
Some of the more bizarre affinities you might come across. Weird, eh?

Rare Animal Affinities
The most hard-to-find affinities of all. As seen on TV!

Insect Animal Affinities
Affinities so bizarre, they're in a category all their own! Eww!

Physical Abnormality Merit Usage
A listing of the various powers possible with the Phsyical Abnormality Merit. Who loves ya, baby?

Animal Statistics
Some game statistics on many different animals, for you use!