While no particular Art is considered a "Pooka Art" the way Infusion is a Nocker Art and Sovereign is a Sidhe Art (though some would argue Chicanery is right up the pookas' alley), the pooka do make use of a wide variety of cantrips.

The power to control desire is not unknown to the Kithain (in the form of higher levels of Chicanery), but this Art is all about desire. If a Pooka were lucky enough to learn it from a Merfolk, they would find it fun and useful. Fancy certainly adds to a Pooka's "animal magnetism", while Yearn and Covet can be fodder for jokes or a bonus in attracting a mate (temporarily, anyway). Crave and Need would only be unleash on someone who has pissed off the Pooka big-time.

The magical art of trickery and misdirection plays right into the pooka's hands. Pranksters find these cantrips unbelievably useful in their plans. Even a simple Fuddle at the right moment can provide a big laugh. Veiled Eyes helps when hiding from that redcap you just pissed off, while Fugue helps to cover your tracks when a trick goes wrong. Haunted Heart and Captive Heart work well in conjunction with the pooka's natural empathic senses.

Considering the sidhe corner the market on this Art of time magic, it's not suprising almost no pooka have ever learned it. The use of the Dream Time cantrip for pooka who hibernate is not unheard of, though.

This violent and brutal Art is rare among any Kithain, and those very few pooka that have managed to learn it are of the more predatory affinities (wolves, big cats, birds of prey, etc.) or at least Unseelie. Most pooka have little use for such battle-focused magic.
Some pooka joke that House of Mirrors is based off of a "spell" from the Dungeons & Dragons game, but it is still a highly useful defensive tactic. Hermes' Fleetness would be very effective for pooka of small, quick animal affinities such as mice. Armilustra, Whirling Dervish and Life and Limb are all offensive and have fairly obvious uses.

When the pooka hid out in the Dreaming for 700 years, the usefulness of this Art was not ignored by them. It is still fairly common among them. Find the Silver Path and The Merry Dance obviously get frequent use when getting around the Dreaming. Anchor was used regularly in the construction of the dream-burrows. Dream-Riding and Dream Weaving get less use, but are still seen occasionally.

Even if the Nockers would teach their precious exclusive Art to Pooka, which they certainly wouldn't, Pooka have no use for it anyway. The Art deals with chimerical items and object creation. Pooka are not the natural builders the Nockers are.

Pooka with polar animal affinities would find use for this Merfolk Art, but the rest usually prefer to avoid the cold. Provided they could get a Mer to teach it, they would find Cold Shock,Gelid Rime and Crystal Prison useful in dealing with foes, while Frost Facsimile is good for whipping up needed tools or weapons. Coldheart would be useful in removing a threat without harming them.

Another art generally considered "pooka tricks", this Art is especially useful when in your animal mien. Being able to telekinetically move things (Gimmix) helps a great deal when you don't have hands at the moment. Ensare is an excellent defense against predators (and a handy way to catch food if you are a predator). Effigy is custom made for pranks, Mooch will help get you what you want and Phantom Shadows can prove a great defense against enemies if you use it to create, say, a rabid bear to attack your foes.

This Art of pure shapechanging seems custom made for pooka. It could be argued that it was once a pooka Art, one that has long since spread among the other commoners. Hidden Form is perfect for an animal looking to go unnoticed (either hunting for food or trying to keep from becoming food). Impersonate makes for great practical jokes (and is a useful tool for pooka spies). Go Ask Alice can bring quite a shock for someone not expecting to see a 6 foot tall rat, while Merlin's Lessons can show other kiths just what it's like to be an animal, at least for a while. Finally, Mythic Transformation is the ultimate in shape-shifting. Why settle for being a lizard, when you can become a dragon?

The mere idea of a pooka with the power to alter reality is enough to make the members of the Crystal Circle wet themselves. Nuff said?

I heard that....

Ahem, moving on.....

While no pooka are yet known to have learned this Art of the returning Adhene, it is highly useful. Oneirodynia can prove useful for pranks ("Oh, you say you had a sex dream about Lord Jarrett? How interesting. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone..." *stifled giggles*), and Oneirocritia can reveal all kinds of neat-o secrets. Oneirataxia can also be used for pranks, but is better used to plague enemies and punish those that have crossed the pooka (without said pooka needing to resort to direct confrontation). Only Unseelie pooka would resort to using Syncope on anyone aside from a hated enemy, and the same can be said for Expiation.

With their strong connections to nature, this Art is often invaluable to the pooka. Willow Whisper lets you talk to the animals (and even the plants) if you know how. Eldritch Prime helps greatly in wilderness survival, and Oakenshield can toughen you up against that rampaging ogre long enough to get away. The uses for Heather Balm/Holly Strike are fairly obvious. Now, Elder-Form has been left in the dust by Metamorphosis (above), but the attraction of it to an entire kith of shapeshifters cannot be denied. You can still use it to be any animal you want!

Pooka seem to shy away from this Art for the most part. Fae scholars seem to think it stems from the instinctual reaction of their animal halves. Animals do not react well to fire. Most flee from it, though some do the opposite (moths flying into candles, horses charging into burning barns). Those pooka who do manage to overcome their instincts to master this art find it highly useful.
Will-O'-the-Wisp is a boon for predatory pooka looking for dinner, and Willow Light helps those pooka who live in dark places (moles, bats, etc.). Prometheus Fist, Burn and Boil and Star Body have dazzling combat applications. Imagine a bird pooka that sets himself ablaze? Instant phoenix!

This Merfolk Art is popular among flying Pooka, who take naturally to weather control. Thunderclap can be intimidating or provide a neat distraction agaionst enemies, and has possibilities in jokes. Compass Winds can provide a badly needed updraft for a flying Pooka, while Dark Sky can help in eluding hunters. Stormcraft and Call Lightning can help a Pooka bring the fury of nature itself down on a foe's head!

Few pooka know and use this divination Art. Most simply are not scholarly enough to take the time to learn it, and usually don't see much use for it. Pooka that do master this Art are usually the more contemplative types (owl pooka, for example). The cursing cantrips also appeal to black cat pooka, for obvious reasons. Omen can be handy for planning how to deal with an enemy (or when the best time to pull a prank would be). Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair is a reletively safe way to deal with enemies and a fun way to aid your friends. Tattletale is a useful way to keep an eye on your pack, while Augury could be used to help keep them safe (just be careful with it). The consequences of Fate Fire are obvious.

Like the sidhe would teach pooka this Art? What are you smoking? Geez!!
Alright, Kylie, that's enough. She does have a point. The sidhe guard Sovereign closely, and few commoners know it. None of those are pooka. Even among pooka nobles (that is NOT an oxymoron!), this Art is rare. The temptation to use Dictum for fart jokes is just too great to ignore.

Spirit Link
If any Kithain have a chance of being adopted into a Nunnehi Nation and being taught this Art, it is the Pooka. Despite this, Pooka generally care little for dealing with ghosts.

This Art belongs to the Eshu, but a few Pooka have learned it from their wandering friends. Pooka make good storytellers, even if their stories are always larger-than-life, highly inaccurate and tend to ramble off on irrelevant tangents. They're still entertaining. Jokes and pranks that involve storytelling are even more up a Pooka's alley, and this Art can help. Agemo's Blessing, Flickering Firelight and Murmur in the Crowd are useful in this aspect, and Sticks and Stones has its obviously useful aspects. Moment of Truth, though, is rarely seen used by a Pooka, who prefer Legerdemain for this sort of effect.

The Autumn Way
As Kithain, pooka have little need or use for this Art, even if they could find an Dark-kin to teach them.

Many pooka, especially those with transient animal affinities, like to roam the world (or at least their neighborhoods). Hopscotch is popular, especially among frog and rabbit pooka. Quicksilver makes for speedy escapes (or rabid fights when backed into a corner), as does Portal Passage. Flicker Flash is another great defense. You can't catch what isn't there.

A Word on Realms

Nature is the Realm Pooka learn the most. The majority of shapeshifters have at least a little of it. The Kith as a whole has an affinity for the Nature Realm, finding it easier to affect animals, plants and the elements with their magic due to their animalistc nature.

Fae and Actor are popular, as they are need to pull magical pranks on mortals and changelings. Prop sees less use, what with Pooka caring little about the artifical, but it can have its uses in pranks, as well.

Scene is also popular, allowing the Pooka to affect large areas of forest (when paired with the Nature Realm) or multiple targets for pranks (with Actor and/or Fae). Time is rare, but Pooka who learn it immediately find the value in being able to time delay their pranks for the perfect moment!