Codes and Laws

Pooka and the Escheat

The Right of Demesne
Many Pooka instinctively recognize the authority of an alpha wolf in his territory, and yet they also have a strong drive for personal freedom. This results in the shapeshifters giving lip service to the Right of Demesne, generally following it as long as the local Sidhe lord doesn't push his luck too far. When he does, though, it's time to challenge the alpha.

The Right to Dream
Seelie Pooka, like most Seelie Kithain, follow this law pretty well. Glamour is seen as a natural resource, and like a hot water spring or a herd of elk, depleting it all in one go does nobody any good. Ravaging is distasteful and destructive, and usually only Unseelie Pooka will engage in it. Even then, many Unseelie Pooka still refuse the Ravage, seeing the similarity to oil drilling and strip mining and their effects on the environment.

The Right of Ignorance
Like most Kithain, Pooka, Seelie and Unseelie both, follow this rule closely. Any animal understands the dangers of revealing yourself to predators, and this instinct carries over to Pooka attitudes towards the forces of Banality, regardless of Court.

The Right of Rescue
Pooka, often perceived as weak and helpless, tend to benefit from this rule a lot. So it's not surprising they support it. Even Pooka who are clearly not weak support it, as, like other Kithain, they never know when they might need rescuing. Many Pooka have been known to extend this rule to rescuing their animal friends from Banal science labs and puppy mills.

The Right of Safe Haven
The few freeholds owned by Pooka readily uphold this rule. Any animal likes to have a warm, safe den to hide in. The Pooka expect this rule to be upheld by others, accordingly. It's awlays good to have a bolthole to flee to when the going gets rough.

The Right of Life
Seelie Pooka support this tenet universally, while Unseelie uphold it only in ideal. The Unseelie tend to forget about it in practice, freely biting, clawing and goring their way through those that oppose them. Animals know if they don't kill their enemy, the enemy will kill them one day. Unseelie Pooka recognize that impulse and freely act upon it.

Pooka and the Seelie Code

The Pooka are by and large Seelie. They display all the tenets of the Seelie Court, though some to lesser or greater degrees. Brave, honorable, loyal and possessed of an earthy (if happily warped) wisdom, Seelie Pooka defend nature, supporting conservation, recycling and moderation. They work through lobby groups and environmental associations to achieve their ends. Like wise, Seelie Pooka expect honorable behavior from their leaders. Being habitual liars, they judge by deeds, not words.

Death Before Dishonor
Even Seelie Pooka are a little leary of this code. A Pooka's instinct is often survival over almost anything, which has brought them a reputation as cowards who flee from danger. And while Pooka will usually seek to protect themselves as best as possible, they do, in fact, have a strong sense of honor, but their honor is a little different from, say, a Troll's. While they will not abandon their friends to danger, they have no problem lying their asses off and stealing anything not nailed down.

Love Conquers All
Many animals mate for life, and resultingly, many Pooka do as well. Marriage and a cozy home is in no way Banal (as any Boggan will tell you), and many Pooka enjoy such quiet lives with thier loved ones. Many others, though, are perfectly happy hopping from one lover to the next.
Some Pooka are known to go through mating cycles and heats that can leave their lovers cold. A sad position, perhaps, but thankfully not too common.

Beauty is Life
All Pooka agree with this code whole-heartedly. As deeply connected to nature as they are, pooka feel the pulse of life very strongly, and duly appreciate the beauty found in it. Beauty in nature takes precedence over beauty in man-made things like art or buildings, but it's possible for a Pooka to appreciate a painting, expecially if it depicts nature.
Of course, the beauty of the physical form is quite natural, too. A lovely woman, handsome man or adorable child can all win a Pooka's admiration.

Never Forget a Debt
An eye for an eye. This code comes naturally. Pooka follow it by instinct, holding grudges forever until abated and never forgetting a favor done for them. Friends receive gifts and aid all the time. A person who harms a Pooka can expect equal retribution, delivered with the stalking patience of a predatory beast.

Pooka and the Unseelie Code

Much of being Unseelie is operating on your insincts and baser impulses, rather than higher thought and chivalric behavior. This works for well for Pooka, who have a deluge of animal instinct running through them. Unseelie Pooka can be very Unseelie, indeed.

Change is Good
And why shouldn't it be? Pooka are a force for chaos, many would say. They wreck havoc for sheer fun, the Unseelie Pooka especially so. Nothing causes change so much as a pack of Unseelie Pooka rampaging through a barony.
Even the Unseelie maintain a pack mentality, so while a sense of personal loyalty may fall by the wayside, Unseelie Pooka packs remain tightly cohesive. Membership may change from day to day, by the basic make-up of the pack stays the same.

Glamour is Free
Animals do what they do when they feel the need to do it. They eat when hungry, drink when thirsty, sleep when tired and mate when horny. The same goes for Unseelie Pooka and Glamour. When they want some, they hunt it down and take it. Storing Dross is for Seelie Pooka. The Unseelie go out and prey on dreamers like a wolf picking at a herd of sheep. They do Muse rather than Ravage, as stated before. Even the Unseelie Pooka have no desire to destroy their own "food" supply. That would just be stupid.

Honor is a Lie
Some would say (Trolls and Sidhe, mostly) that no Pooka has any sense of honor. While untrue of the Seelie, the Unseelie live up to that concept. That said, the Unseelie Pooka do maintain an unspoken sense of honor with his own pack (not that they'd ever call it "honor"). Like with an urban gang, an Unseelie pack may fight with one another and turn on each other regularly. Woe to any outsider who tries to do so, for the pack unites against any and all outside threats. The pack may beat the shit out of each other, but nobody else has that right.

Passion Before Duty
As stated many times before, Pooka strongly feel the pull of their animalistic impulses, and Unseelie Pooka give themselves freely to those urges. Bestial passion can be a powerful force. Unseelie Pooka live life to the fullest, eating, drinking, fighting, screwing and joking with abandon. Many Pooka act without regard for consequences, anyway. Have fun today, because tomorrow you may get eaten.