Farm Animals
Small Mammals

Birds: Crows, ravens, chickens, pigeons, ducks, turkeys, sparrows, robins, bluebirds, hummingbirds, seagulls and canaries. Domestic and city-living birds are also commonly found among pooka. Some might not be the most dignified of affinities, but are fun just the same. They tend to be good singers or mimics, for certain. All bird affinities are also a solid reason for pooka to have the Winged Merit, provided their particular bird affinity can fly.
For more birds, see the
Uncommon, Exotic and Rare categories.
RF: 1

Hi! Kylie here! This is right up my alley, huh? Don't you love wings? It's great to fly, dontcha think? So free and exciting! Yessir, bird pookas can't be beat!! Whoo-hoo!!

Burrowers: Here you will find moles, shrews, ground hogs and badgers. Some are timid while others are nasty, but all are small burrowing mammals. Such pooka tend to be quite comfotable underground and can dig like no one's business. Mole pooka are noted for their bad eyesight, and badger pooka are notorious for their large claws and furious tempers. Even redcaps step carefully around a badger pooka.
RF: 1

Cats: Here kitty kitty! Cat pooka make up an unusual porportion of of pooka population. No one is quite sure why there's so many cat pooka, or why so many of them are female.
Like dogs, cats can move about in human places without too much notice, and their incredible agility and balance helps them in numerous situations. While cats cannot truly "see in the dark", their sharp eyes and whiskers do give them an advantage in the absence of light. This category includes all breeds of domestic cat.
RF: 0

Crustaceans: Crabs, crayfish, lobsters and king crabs. These unusual pooka are suprisingly common. No one is quite sure why. In either case, they are almost always found along seacoasts, and their fae miens often have hard shells and pinchers. They have an intense dislike of Red Lobster restruants.
RF: 1

Dogs: Man's best friend. Dog pooka have the advantage of being able to get around in public without drawing a lot of attention. Stray dogs are common, after all. And people are often nice to them, offering a treat or a scritch behind the ear (but be careful, just as many will whack you with a newspaper!).
Then, of course, there's the advantage of a dog's keen nose and ears. There are few scouts that can compare to a fae with the nose of a bloodhound!
Just watch out for the dogcatcher. No pooka wants to be put to sleep! This category includes all breeds of domestic dog, from cocker spaniels to dobermans.
RF: 0

Farm Animals: Cows, pigs, goats and sheep fall into this category, despite that they vary widely in species. Affinities of this nature are most often found in Pooka that grew up on farms, or simply those with calm natures. Cow and sheep pooka tend to be quite gentle and placid in personality, while goat and pig pooka are notorious for their huge appetites.
RF: 1

Fish: This category includes most common fish: Catfish, perch, goldfish, lionfish, clownfish, salmon, tuna, bluegill, tetra, anchovy. Obviously these pooka are good swimmers and often have gills in their fae miens.
For more fish, see the Uncommon, Exotic and Rare categories.
RF: 1

Horses: Large, strong, sturdy and fast, horse pooka are some of the best runners around, and usually have great endurance. Childling horse pooka are often called "colts" or "fillies" as a joke, but they actually like it.
While they usually have no problem giving their friends rides when necessary, they prefer to run free. However, there have been horse pooka known that have been paid to be the "noble mount" of one sidhe or another (who will take any opportunity to 'accidentally' dump their elven rider into a mud puddle).
RF: 1

Rabbits: Everyone loves bunnies, right? Floppy ears, puffy tails, twitchy noses. Rabbits are fairly common pets, and many Childling Pooka have affinities towards them. The idea that all Rabbit Pooka eat carrots and say "What's up, Doc?" is a myth, though. They are usually quite good at leaping and burrowing.
RF: 0

Raccoons: A common type of pooka is the raccoon. These furry critters lend themselves well to the pooka mindset, being mischevious little bandits, found both in the wilderness and in urban environments.
RF: 1

Small Mammals: Mice, rats, squirrels, chipmunks, hamsters and gerbils. These small mammals are quick, agile, and can wiggle into places most other creatures will never fit. Such pooka typically make skilled theives and spies. They also tend to shy away from danger whenever possible, though they still carry their own brand of courage.
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