Affinity: The mystical relationship a Pooka has to a particular animal, allowing her to understand and get along with that animal. Affinities can exist for any real world animal still in existance. There are no mythical and extinct animal affinities. Affinities also determine the Pooka's animal and fae miens.

Animal Mien: The animal form of a Pooka, which is real and not chimerical. The form can only be of the specific animal the Pooka has an affinity for.

Cold Fish: A nickname for Sluagh.

Confidant: One of the Pooka's Birthrights, the odd ability they have to inspire friendship and trust in others, even perfect strangers. People (and fae) feel that can confide their deepest secrets in the Pooka and not worry about anyone else finding out.

COUP de Mardi Gras: An annual gathering of Pooka in New Orleans or the French Riviera. This "Convention" starts the same time as Mardi Gras and lasts an entire week.
During this time, the pooka gather at a swanky convention center, where they proceed to drink and dance and party. Destructive pranks and the seduction of hotel staff members are the rule of the day (but the hotels are always well compensated). Much like Pranksgiving, a prank contest is held, although this one is more of an unwritten rule and is not as prestigious (to the pooka, anyway). The winner is crowned king/queen for the week.

Cubs: A general term for Pooka childlings, though it more specifically applies to wolf and bear Pooka Childlings. Young Pooka of other affinities are often referred to as pups, kits, chicks, colts, fawns, tadpoles, hatchlings and what have you. These are terms of affection older Pooka use for their younger kithmates, especially by mentors towards their pupils. Non-Pooka simply say childling.

Dream-Burrow: Hidden realms within the Near Dreaming, where most Pooka lived and rode out the Interregnum. These realms are so well hidden, no other fae even know they exist. Pooka who once dwelt there but have returned to the Autumn World have no memories of what happened in the burrows. Also, see Poula Phooka, below.

Lies: The Pooka Frailty. Pooka must always mix lies into whatever they say, creating misdirection and confusion. Telling only the truth takes great concentration, and can only be done temporarily at best. Other Kithain never believe what a Pooka says.

Pack: A motley of Pooka.

Pooka Exodus: When the vast majority of Pooka abandoned Earth during the Shattering to go hide out in the Dream-Burrows.

Poula Phoulk: Ancient Celtic term. Literally, "The Hole of the Pooka." Also the name of a waterfall on the Liffey River in Wicklow County. Among the Pooka kith, it is also a more traditional name for a Dream Burrow. Also used for other Pooka homes and hideouts.

Pranksgiving: The Pooka name for the changeling holiday of Highsummer Night on July 17th of every year. The local Pooka of an area hold a prank competition on humans, with the greatest, most daring and funniest prank getting the Pooka responsible much prestige among his or her kith for the next year. Other Kithain, understandibly, do not look forward to this night, as they often get caught in the pranks as well.

Shapechanging: The other Birthright of the Pooka, the ability to transform into an animal (or back). This physical alteration can only happen when the Pooka is alone and unobserved.

"Years of Suffering": What the Pooka call the Industrial Revolution, when man and machine rode roughshod over nature and pollution choked the skies.