Changeling the Dreaming: Nockers. Just don't touch nothing when you get there. They got mad at me and all I did was look at it! Honest! I don't know how it broke! What's a 'badchen' anyway?

The people that made the Changeling game, White Wolf.

I've been told his site is all about ME!! Kylie! But I haven't seen it for myself, yet. Come visit me here! Kylie, the Raven Pooka!

This is the site for the Changeling: the Dreaming online chronicle of which I'm a part....wait, you're telling me I'm just a character in a role-playing game? And how long has this been going on?
Digital Dreaming

Oh, and here's a neato site on Trolls! Think of it as the Troll Kithbook Revised!

Here's a cool site all about Eshu! Not as cool as this site, but cool enough *wink*
The Traveler's Oasis

Mistypaw is a famous Pooka on the internet, and this is her page! The Pooka Place!

The Right to Dream, a web resource for Changeling the Dreaming, with all sorts of great stuff (including a 4-page Pooka character sheet for printing!).

Capricorne's Freehold, a site of fantastic Changeling artwork (he even made a picture of me once!).

Fae Spirits, a site with all sorts of faerie stuff, including poems and essays and pictures.

Of course, environmentalism is a big concern of all Pooka. They feel harm to nature more keenly than mortals and other fae alike. It should be a concern of yours, too. In either case, here are some websites to help you get involved in saving our planet!


PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

The Earth Day Network

The World Wildlife Fund

Here are some cool sites for finding pictures and information on many animals! Useful for any Pooka player! Reseach what you can about your player character's affinity.


Animal Bytes Database

And of course, what Pooka website would be complete without a list of prank links? Have fun! And these are just the tip of the iceberg! Search the 'net for many more sites like these!

The Prank Institue


The Ultimate List of Practical Jokes

The Joke Post

The Joke Warehouse

Entertainment Land