These are new Merits and Flaws made especially for Pooka. All are original or adapted from other sources and modified to fit the shapeshifters. Since these are not canon, you should ask your Storyteller before trying to use these in a chronicle. But otherwise, enjoy!


Native Respect (2 pt. Merit)
Centuries ago, many Pooka fled Europe during the Shattering to seek homes in lands free of the rising tidal wave of Banality. Many found it in the Americas. Long before European mortals and even other Kithain arrived, the Pooka were here, dwelling peacefully among the native fae known as the Nunnehi.
When the other European Fae finally came, these now native Pooka fought beside the Nunnehi to repel the invaders. One of those Pooka was you. And now, in the modern age, the Nunnehi still remember, albeit subconsciously, what you did for them. They have a certain respect for you, more so than other Pooka. No Nunnehi will attack you on sight (though they might later if you push them the wrong way), and you find it easier to negotiate with them. You gain a -2 difficulty bonus to all Social rolls with the Nunnehi.

Voice of the Songbird (2 pt. Merit)
Your voice is that of an angel, melodic and beautiful. When you speak, you are charming and hypnotic. When you sing, you can truly touch hearts. You have perfect pitch and can sing without missing a note. A common merit among songbird pooka, all Social roll difficulties when speaking or singing are reduced by 2.

Blood of the Fera (4 pt. Merit)
Pooka are not the only people in the world who are part animal. The Changing Breeds are their cousins (or at least the Pooka believe so). But you have a connection to the werebeasts that goes beyond a mere legend of relation and distant respect. You actually are related to some type of shapeshifter, be it wolf, cat, raven, rat or whatever. You are a full changeling, but you also carry the blood of the Fera in your veins, and they call you Kinfolk. They are wary of you for your fae nature, but will call on you to perform tasks for your relatives' tribe (or whatever subsects they may have). You may even be expected to take a werecreature as a mate to help strengthen the bloodline. They are also protective of you to an extent, and they may come to your aid if you ask nicely and have a reason worthy in their eyes.
These relations between Fera and Pooka usually run by animal type. Wolf pooka are most likely to be Kinfolk to the Garou, cat pooka to the Bastet (divided by cat type, such as tiger pooka to the Khan), raven pooka to the Corax, rat pooka to the Ratkin, coyote pooka to the Nuwisha, fox pooka to the Kitsune, spider pooka to the Ananasi, snake pooka to the Nagah, alligator/crocidile/monitor lizard pooka to the Mokole, and shark pooka to the Rokea. But there have been exceptions.
The Storyteller has the perfect right to forbid this Merit if she doesn't wish to deal with Fera matters as well as Kithain affairs in her campaign.

Natural Weapons (4 pt. Merit)
You are greatly attuned to your animal body, moreso than your human frame, able to use the strength and speed of that form with greater ease in combat. You subtract one from the difficulties of any attack roll made with a natural weapon (e.g., claws, fangs, punch, kick, grapple, etc.) when in your Animal Mien. However, you add one to the difficulties of any such attacks made while in your Fae Mien (or Mortal Seeming).

Metamorph (7 pt. Merit)
You can change into and out of your animal affinity very easily. So easily, in fact, that you do not need to expend a point of Glamour to change to your animal mien like other Pooka. You can make the change for free.
Furthermore, shapeshifting magics affect you more easily. Cantrips such as Elder-Form (Primal 5) or several of the cantrips of Metamorphosis, for example, can be used on you at a -2 difficulty. This can be both a blessing and a curse (if someone tries to shapechange you against your will).


Carnivore (1 pt. Flaw)
While many Pooka with carnivorous animal affinities prefer to eat just meat (usually raw), you can't help yourself. Your disgestive system can only handle meat; you gain no sustanence from vegetable matter, and its taste disgusts you. A Pooka whose animal affinity is not a carnivore will be looked on as very odd by others of her kith if she has this Flaw. Imagine a Rabbit Pooka eating nothing but meat? Insert vorpal bunny jokes here.

Musk (1 pt. Flaw)
You smell like an animal, even in your mortal seeming. You suffer from a +2 difficulty on Social rolls in a situation where your feral scent becomes obvious (indoors at a party, but not at the city dump). This smell does not bother animals.

Insensitive Jerk (2 pt. Flaw)
Your ability to empathize with other people leaves a lot to be desired. You have trouble understanding the emotions of others, and are far from a sympathetic soul. You suffer a +2 to the difficulty of Empathy rolls due to your inability to read people correctly. This always applies to your Confidant Birthright, even if you make the roll with Subterfuge.

Hopeless Liar (4 pt. Flaw)
While Pooka can normally can tell the truth if they concentrate hard enough (making a Willpower roll at difficulty 8), you are not so lucky. No matter how hard you try, you can never tell just the truth. You may never make a Willpower roll to temporarily evade your Lies Frailty.

Ward Animals (4 pt. Flaw)
This flaw is similar to the Flaw: Ward (3 pts.), but it refers to a group of real animals of your affinity (such as a Wolf Pooka being responsible for a wolf pack). You are responsible for the animals' safety and good health. They are often in need of care and defense, and may have suffered the loss of many members before your Pooka came to care for them. Perhaps it is a captive pride of lions or a herd of deer in an area of active hunting.