"Just what does the general Pooka population think about the other Kiths? What about the Gallain and Inanimae and the newly arrived Dark-Kin? And how about them Prodigals? Well, never fear, here are some stereotypes and open-ended opinions from your favorite shapechangers!"

The Kithain

Boggans, the Seelie ones at least, are kind, loyal, generous and go the extra mile to help strangers in need. How can a Pooka not like that? Boggans are perfectly willing to accept Pooka at their hearths (which are always warm and cozy), pranks aside. Boggans are kind to animals, too, so Pooka almost always respect the Boggans. Unseelie Pooka tend to just ignore Boggans, which is usually fine with them.

When you have two kiths that love wandering and scams and adventure, how can they not be friends? Eshu and Pooka get along famously. Admittedly, it's a strongly competitive relationship, but when that competition leads to greater pranks and adventures, neither side minds at all. That some Pooka are of a migritory nature (such as many bird pooka) is another bonus, for they can always find Eshu as traveling companions. Pooka always love to hear a good story, and Eshu always love to tell them. Pooka can also make great storytellers, and no Eshu is willing to miss out on a tall tale told by a shapechanger.

Here's two groups that just don't get along. Nockers have no time for silliness and verbal imperfections (funny, coming from a kith that swears in practically it's own ridiculous-sounding language). Pooka, being the sensitive souls they are, don't take kindly to the random and undeserved insults the Nockers spew at them. This results in harsh pranks aimed at the Nockers, which naturally they don't appreciate.
That Nockers value and prefer the artifical and mechanical world to that of the natural only widens the gap of animosity between these kiths. Pooka are always suspicious of Nocker inventions, especially the big ones that cough out plumes of smoke and exhaust and run roughshod over the countryside. More than one Pooka has taken to sabotage of Nocker machinery as a hobby.

Like Eshu, Piskies are wanderers. They're always in search of a new experience, a new horizon, and new friends. Pooka like Piskies for the same reasons they like Eshu. Piskies generally like Pooka in return, as a Pooka can always enliven a trip. That Pooka are usually not materialistic helps when the Piskies' kleptomania surfaces and the Pooka's odder possessions start to disappear. Both Pooka and Piskies like children, too, and both kiths will often team up to entertain and protect kids. They both also share certain empathic and sensitive natures, so they can relate well to one another, despite Pooka-ese difficulties. The Pooka find it sad that Piskies are so rare these days, and almost always will be happy to meet one (the Seelie Pooka will, at least).

Pooka are favorite targets of bullying and torture for the Redcaps. There is little love lost here. They simply don't get along, and probably never will. When Pooka and Redcaps clash, the Pooka rarely win out. Unseelie Pooka, at least, can get nasty enough to win some Redcaps' respect, but the Seelie never do. Redcaps hate 'cute and fuzzy.' The Devourer disrespect for the natural world only serves to piss off the Pooka. Just keep them seperate.

River Hags
An offshoot of Redcaps, Pooka are antagonistic with them for the same reasons at the Redcaps. While their defense of rivers might be admirable, it is for wholly selfish reasons. The fact that River Hags drown and eat people doesn't help, either. Pooka are careful to ensure a river is safe, and if it isn't, will mark it and tell every other Pooka they can.

Pooka and Satyrs want to like each other. They really do. They feel a certain kinship with each other, in their free natures and animalistic appearances and love of the natural world. But the problem arises in the Satyr impatience in dealing with Pooka-ese. Satyrs simply don't want to work that hard at speaking with someone. The maze of lies and half-truths just annoys most Satyrs, and they write-off the Pooka as a result. The Pooka, who regularly go out of their way to try and befriend Satyrs, end up resenting the goats. It is all quite sad, because if the two kiths could just get past this miscommunication problem, they'd be a real force to be reckoned with among the Kithain.

Sidhe are too ingrained into courtly manners for Pooka tastes. That just leads the Pooka to try and "loosen up" the elves. Magic always fails when used to try and prank a Sidhe. They're magically immune to embarassment. Never easily deterred, Pooka just use mundane methods. A normal pie in the face works wonders. Some Sidhe (usually Fiona) can't help but want to pull Pooka into their laps and pet them. Though they resist the notion, of course. At least in public. Most of the nobles just prefer not to have the pranksters around at all.
Still, opinions vary. With something of a pack mentality, Pooka respond well to the natural leadership abilities of the Sidhe. But Pooka never follow blindly, and they still hold Sidhe up to high standards of judgement. And the Pooka will never forget the Night of Iron Knives. Survival instincts are always alerted with a Sidhe in the room.
See here for views of the Sidhe Houses.
The Pooka inability to give a straight answer frustrates the hell out of Sluagh, who rely on true and exacting information. The fact that Pooka have such ease in getting people to spill their guts is another point on dislike between the two kiths. Sluagh despise cute, and Pooka find the creepers....well, creepy. The exception is Spider Pooka, whom Sluagh have an strong attraction towards.

The relationship between Pooka and Trolls is a sad one. Pooka really like Trolls. They respect the large Kith's honor and innate Seelie nature. But Trolls can be so rutted in their warrior codes and ideals of honesty, they have a hard time getting along with the wild and free and always-lying Pooka. The fact that Pooka try to help Trolls gain a deeper understanding of their codes of honor by trying to get them to bend the rules doesn't help. Trolls generally see Pooka as disruptive pests, but will almost always protect the shapechangers if they need help, as Trolls also see them as being weak and too cute to let be harmed.

Sidhe Houses

House Aesin
"Okay, so they wanna lead the fight against the Fomorians. Cool. But do they need to be such insufferable jerks to do it? Yet another bunch of Sidhe who think bossing us around is for our own good."

House Ailil
"Beware the Dark Side of the Force, young Skywalker. Geez, can these guys be any more Unseelie? Fly a banner, why don't you? Still, they seem to know our worth and give us some amount of respect, if only because they want to use us, like all the elves think the commoners are there for their use."

House Balor
"Okay, um....EWWWW!! Can these Sidhe be any more creepy and mean? And they way all of them are deformed in some way, what's up with that? Inbreed, much? Weirdos."

House Beaumayn
"Well, these guys show us respect. A house of prophets, it seems, but nobody wants to believe what they say. Kind of like us....except the prophesy part. They hate Thallain, too, so they're welcome on any Beastie hunts we have."

House Daireann
"More Sidhe who treat us like crap. Like we needed more of those. We remember this House from the old days in Ireland. These guys have a hard time keeping a secret, so sweet-talk them whenever you get the chance! Pooka Empathy works wonders on these guys!"

House Dougal
"We prefer wilderness over civilization. The natural over the crafted. So a bunch of Sidhe who spend all their time building crap and feeling superior about it are not our cup of tea. These guys got what's bad about the Sidhe and the Nockers cpmbined! Gag me!"

House Eiluned
"Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky....these guys love secrets. And considering our ability to get people to spill their guts so readily, the Eiluned would love to get us working for them. If they act nice to you, beware. They just want to use you."

House Fiona
"More wine? *hic* Don' mind if ah do, misser Baron man...heh heh...seriously, these elves party just as much as the Satyrs (and with a touch more style). Party, take risks, screw anything that moves. Can we say adreniline junkies? But be careful. Sure, they seem like they love commoners. When they excitment's over, they give no more of a rat's ass about commoners than any other House."

House Gwydion
"I'd almost feel sorry for these elves, with the way they seem so put-upon. Heavy is the brow that wears the crown, right? I think they get off on it, though. Masochistic, you think? They might be more tolerable if they loosened up a little."

House Leanhaun
"There's something.....unsettling, about these guys. They seem to go to great lengths to avoid attention. It's like they're hiding something..."

House Liam
"Punished for love, condemned as oathbreakers. House Liam's story would make a good Movie of the Week. At least their hearts are in the right place in that they give a crap about something besides their own power, unlike all the other elves. They act as guardians of humanity. We protect children. So we got some common goals and can work together when our goals meet."

House Scathach
"Hey! Now these are elves I like! They stuck with us during the Interregnum and gave up their noble titles! And they're vulnerable to our magical pranks! Yes! They're pretty cool, as elves go. Just don't piss 'em off. They can kick some serious ass."

House Varich
"Ugh....gag me with a rubble. They're even worse than Aesin. Yeah, Ruskie, we exist only to serve you and your whims. And the way they enslave the Inanimae?? Bastards! They got some just deserts coming!"


The fae born of legends of leprechauns, Pooka find these beings amusing. Hailing from ancient Ireland as the Pooka did, they share common roots. While Pooka have nothing really negative to say about them, the Clurichauns' ability to vanish from sight makes the Pooka wary, and nobody likes a mean drunk.

Ghille Dhu
Closely tied to nature, these "Greenmen" generally get the respect of the Pooka, particularly in the Ghille Dhu's ability to harvest Glamour from nature itself (something the Pooka would love to learn how to do). These Gallain are fragile, though, and their fae lives tend to be very short, which only reminds the Pooka of the destruction of nature and saddens them even more.

The same sorts of dreams that created the Pooka created the Inanimae. The fae of animals and the fae of elements have long had a strong connection, subconscious though it may be. Pooka today try to protect the Inanimae, seeing them as innocents in need of guardians. Kuberas, Ondines, Parosemes and Solimonds are the Pookas' favorites. Unseelie Pooka tend to look down on Inanimae, seeing them as weak and tamed by humanity. Still, Unseelie understand Inanimae need to be protected as the Seelie do.

The Pooka of the Hawaiian Isles have long known of the Menehune. The Polynesian fae are similar to the Nunnehi in their spirituality and respect for the natural order, and the Pooka respond well to that. Pooka especially find the Hana fun to hang with, but otherwise they leave the Menehune alone, and the Menehune do the same.

Despite their incredible arrogance (which can often put the Sidhe to shame), the Merfolk have, in recent times, come to the land-dwellnig fae for help in protecting the oceans. As with the Selkies, Pooka greatly admire the aquatic fae, particularly the oceanic Pooka. Many fish Pooka have formed alliances with the Merfolk in the last few years.

Pooka have a long and strong history of friendship with the Nunnehi. When some Pooka fled Europe during the Shattering for safer lands, many found their way to the Americas. There, they met and befriended the native Fae. The Nunnehi saw and respected the Pooka love of wilderness and their role as "contraries." The Pooka, always happy to make new friends, came to respect the Nunnehi haromony with nature. Both groups got along very well with each other.
When the rest of the Kithain arrived and began warring with the Nunnehi, Pooka fought on both sides. To this day, the Nunnehi still really only like the Pooka and remember the shapeshifters' devotion and bravery.

Pooka love and admire Selkies. It goes beyond their natural animal magnetism. Selkies also love and defend nature, specifically the oceans, and carry a sadness ove rthe state of the waters today. Pooka share and respond to that. Oceanic Pooka (fish, ocotopi, whales and especially seals) often work with Selkies to protect the seas, and rarely will a Pooka refuse the request of a Selkie.

Like most Kithain, Pooka are still largely unaware of the return of the Adhene, or even what the Adhene are. What few Pooka have encountered the Dark-kin in the last year or two are quick to spread the word (half-true though it may be) among their kith.

Pooka find these spreaders of disease and corruption to be foul and disgusting. There seems to be nothing redeemable about such creatures, and Pooka will usually not hesitate to try and destroy an Acheri once they realize what it is. Even Unseelie Pooka hate them for their perverse ways. Pooka have seen animals suffer from human-spawned diseases and poisons too much for too long to tolerate the Acheri.

Sharing some history and similarities to the Satyrs, these hedonistic muses seem alright as long as they are inspiring and loving their Dreamers. But the fickleness of the Aonide heart and the creulty they can show when scorned by (or bored of) their Dreamers makes Seelie Pooka wary of them. Unseelie Pooka generally have no time for art or poetry and pay the Aonides no mind.

There is a wary respect between Pooka and Fir-Bholgs. Both originated in ancient Ireland and both are creatures of the wilderness, distrustful of civilization, and have something of a penchant for chaos. This gives them some common ground that the other Kithain lack. When new Fir-bholg enter the Autumn World, it is often the Pooka (usually the Unseelie) they seek for help in acclimating, if they cannot find experienced Fir-bholg around. Pooka who have met Fir-Bholgs are aware of how brutal these tall, antlered Adhene are, and are always careful in dealing with them. The Fir-bholgs, while distrustful of all Changelings, at least find the Pooka amusing and helpful.

Another type of Adhene born of the wilderness, Fuath share the Pooka traits of animal features and love of nature. Despite their hair-trigger tempers, Fuaths can make the most loyal friends you can hope for among the Adhene. Pooka, as with the Fir-Bholgs, have found much in common with Fuath, and both tend to get along quite well. What few Fuaths the Pooka have met have been welcomed and helped in the Autumn World. Unseelie Pooka, more predatory than their Seelie bretheren, get along even better with the Fuath. More than one Pooka/Fuath pack has formed in recent days, and local Fae are becoming unnerved by the wild howling they hear in the forests at night.

The ghosts of Enchanted mortals trapped in the Dreaming, Pooka find Keremet unnerving and try to avoid the things. That Keremet so cold and grim has lead some Pooka to try and "cheer them up," either through jokes or pranks. It never really works. Keremet have been written off as "no fun" and have been ignored ever since.

Pooka remember these Dark-Kin as the Fates of old Celtic myth, but are confused by their behavior. They're like fortune-tellers who can't remember what year it is. They can be both kind and cruel, and seem so caught up in Fate that they can't make their own decisions without tossing tea leaves around first. How very dull. Once some Pooka learned the Moirę were incredibly superstitious, it naturally led to all sorts of pranks (especially for the black cat pooka who love to cross a Moirę's paths over and over and over again). The Moirę are quickly learning what serious annoyances the Pooka can be. Still, the oracles know that Pooka do more good than harm, and their D'an is generally positive.

These horrifyingly destructive beings are a sad case to the very few Pooka who have even heard of them. Naraka seem so lost and confused, that the sensitive shapeshifters want to help them, but quickly decide otherwise once they catch a glimpse of the Naraka urge for death and violence. The largely Seelie Pooka do not get along with the incredibly unlawful Naraka. Even the Unseelie Pooka are wary of such wanton destruction. The Naraka don't seem to care what they destroy, including the wilderness. Pooka have lumped them into the "hopeless pile" with Redcaps and left it at that.

Like all Kithain, the Pooka consider the Thallain to be dire enemies. Particularly the Beasties. The brutal cousins of the Pooka have earned the Pooka's hatred through their mindless violence, for they emphasize everything humanity hates and fears about the wilderness. While it might seem that any Beastie/Pooka conflict would be very one-sided, the Pooka do have the advantage in not fighting like mindless animals. The Pooka know the value of tactical retreats, hit and run tactics, bringing along the local Troll batallion....

The "Changelings" of the Far East really have nothing in common with those the West. The Hsien have no connection to the Dreaming, have no Glamour, nothing. They are strange and alien to the Kithain. What few encounters have taken place have usually been peaceful. Pooka who have met them like the animalistic "commoners," especially the fun-loving Hanumen.

Pooka are very cautious when it comes to other supernaturals. Most see Fae as weak or as some sort of energy resource, especially the cute ones with bunny ears. The pooka fight-or-flight instinct is always on alert when a Prodigal is about.

As undead things that drink the blood of the living, vampires are abhorent to the Pooka. Nothing could be more unnatural that something like that. Craven monsters, what few Pooka that have encountered Kindred (wolf pooka meeting Gangrel in the woods, perhaps, or rat pooka encountering Nosferatu in the sewers) learn quickly to avoid the things. They stink of Banality, and some are addicted to faerie blood.

If any Prodigals may have once been Pooka, it is the Garou. Pooka and werewolves share an intristic fury at the destruction of the wilderness, not to mention the ability to shapechange. Pooka see Garou as former-Pooka who, long ago, let their anger get the better of them and gave up their connection to the Dreaming to concentrate on the battle to preserve nature. Their Rage seems to have overcome their Glamour.
The extreme and bloody violence of the Garou tends to offend Seelie Pooka, but the Unseelie grin and root for more. Violent eco-terrorism may be just what is needed today. Still, Pooka who are aware of local werewolves do not normally approach them or reveal themselves. They've seen how unstable the Garou are. Pooka prefer to watch and help from behind the scenes if they get the chance. The werewolves themselves are mostly unaware of the Pooka, and typically brush them off with the other Fae when they do notice them. The rare Wolf Pooka has actually mated with them ovr the years.

"Wyrders." That is what Pooka call Mages, due to what they see as the Mages' "cantrips" all be drawn from the Wyrd. Pooka avoid Mages if they can. Their magic seems to go against the grain of the natural order, some reek of Banality, and others like to capture Fae for experiements or drain freeholds of Glamour. Wyrders are just bad news.

As beings associated with life and nature, Pooka want nothing to do with spirits of the dead. As with Keremet, wraiths are simply too depressing and they make Pooka nervous. The Restless Dead, for their part, have little to do with most Changelings, anyway, besides the Sluagh. Wraiths and Pooka just don't cross paths that often.

Pooka do not respond well to being hunted. It triggers their fight-or-flight instincts and makes them paranoid. The idea that there may be some new group of humans with strange powers actively hunting supernatural elements puts the Pooka more on edge than usual.