Alligators, Crocodiles & Komodo Dragons
Fish & Seahorses
Octopi & Squid
Tasmanian Devil

Alligators, Crocodiles & Komodo Dragons: The biggest reptiles on earth, found most often in swamps and jungles. Pooka with affinities for these beasts usually live near such environments. 'Gator pooka in New Orleans are rather common (but no, they are not all Cajun). These pooka are noted for their strength, tough hides and powerful jaws, even in their fae miens.
The rare Komodo Dragon is only found on the island of the same name, but the very few pooka with an affinity for it are somewhat more widespread.
For more reptiles, see Reptiles in the Uncommon page, and Lizards in the Exotic page.
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Binturongs: Also known as the "Asian Bearcat," Binturongs are tree-dwelling mammals found in southeast Asia. Weighing as much as 50 lbs according to soem reports, they have black fur and prehensile tails, looking like a cross between a cat and a small bear. While cute and rather friendly, binturongs do not make good pets.
See this webpage for more information.
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Birds: These are birds that are currently in danger of extinction in the World of Darkness. The King Bird of Paradise, Atlantic puffin, secretary bird, kea, superb lyrebird, whale-headed stork, whooping crane, flamingo, hoatzin, yellow-bellied sapsucker, quetzal, great crested grebe, moas, tragopan pheasant, kiwi, ibis, cassowary, emu, and booby.
For more birds, see the Common, Uncommon and Exotic categories.
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Fish and Seahorses: This group includes the rare snaggle tooth fish and the viper fish. It also includes seahorses. Yes, seahorses can be pooka. No male seahorse pooka has been know to give birth, however.
For more fish, see the Common, Uncommon and Exotic categories.
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Octopi & Squid: These odd and freaky pooka often have multiple arms or tentacles in their fae miens, not to mention large eyes. Despite what they say, these pooka are not responsible for pulling ships and submarines underwater to their doom. Some have been known to ejct cloud of black ink from their bodies, even into the air. They are always found living on ocean coasts, if not in the oceans themselves.
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Rhinoceros: Pooka of this affinity tend to be big and strong, obviously, and often have horns jutting out of their faces in their fae miens. And talk about rough skin! These are not the type of pooka you want to taunt into charging at you.
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Tasmanian Devil: Warner Bros. cartoons aside, there is some very interesting potential found in a pooka of this variety. Depsite what you might think, they are indeed found outside of Tasmania.
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Whales: The biggest mammals on earth, and the biggest anything found in the oceans, these pooka are always found near those oceans, and tend to be large with big appetites. This category includes all whales except Humpback Whales, which are found in the Exotic Affinities Section.
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