Magical Crumbs (Level 1 Treasure)
A common treasure among pooka, Magical Crumbs reportedly come from the Black Forest in Germany. Gathered up off the ground along a special path, they have the ability to lead a pooka back home if he should stray. Most pooka own two of them: one to leave at the point of departure and one carried with the pooka to serve as the scent. So long as the pooka remembers to leave one at home and doesn’t lose the one he’s carrying, he can eventually sniff his way back. Obviously, they could also be shared between friends so the pooka could find the other person in case they were separated. The Magical Crumbs resemble inch-square croutons. Hard and tough, they don’t break easily, but they are far from indestructible. The smell of baking bread touches the sense of the pooka, leading him back the way he came.

Predator's Friend (Level 1 Treasure)
Similar to Magical Crumbs, this treasure is a favorite of predatory pooka such as wolves and big cats. It comes in the form of a leather eyepatch that can be worn on either eye.
When used, the eyepatch gives the wearer a unique visual effect in his uncovered eye. Any one person, animal, fae or chimera can be tracked with this eyepatch, even if there are no real tracks or other signs of passage to be found. The eyepatch zeroes in on old heat signatures of up to a week old, allowing the wearer to easily follow the target's path. The treasure cannot follow tracks older than one week.
The patch must be worn the entire time. If it is removed, the visual heat signs are lost. Wearing the patch does present the problem of being blind on one side and a loss of depth perception. The user suffers a -2 difficulty penalty to visual Perception rolls (except to tracking) and -3 on ranged attack rolls.
The eyepatch cannot track aerial or underwater targets.

Cat Boots (Level 2 Treasure)
Many lifetimes ago, or so the story goes, a shoemaker in London saved the life of a cat after it had run afoul of a large dog. The shoemaker nursed the cat back to health and in exchange, the cat, who was a pooka, helped the shoemaker. For a year and a day, every set of boots that the shoemaker created had the special quality that they made other people ignore the wearer’s presence. Changelings came from around the world to purchase the boots and the shoemaker prospered, retired rich and happy, and eventually the pooka went on his way. The boots, called Cat Boots, resemble thigh-high pirate boots. They fit loosely to the legs and turn down at the upper edge. Hard-soled and sturdy, the boots never wear out. A changeling wearing the boots doesn’t become invisible, as with Veiled Eyes; others merely write him out of their consciousness. If, however, a person is looking directly at the changeling when he puts on the boots, that person will continue to see him until he looks away. When she looks back, the changeling will have apparently left the room. The boots do not affect mortals, only other changelings. Naturally, few sidhe care to be “ignored” in this fashion, but the commoner kith find them quite useful.

Collar of Freedom (Level 2 Treasure)
This useful treasure comes in the form of a necklace, choker or an animal collar. When worn, the collar creates chimerical 'holes' in the wearer's mundane clothing through which the wearer's chimerical appendages (wings, tails, extra arms or legs, etc.) can pass through. No longer will the wearer have to cut up their mundane clothing to accomadate their chimerical limbs. Many Pooka consider this to be a Godsend.
The holes exist only as long as the collar is worn. Clothing that is removed will not retain the holes. The holes only exist in a piece of clothing so long as both the clothing and the collar are worn. The holes conform to whatever chimerical limbs the wearer possesses. Holes appear in the back of shirts for wings, in the seat of pants for tails, in the fingertips of gloves for claws and even in hats for unusual ears or for horns (some Satyrs and Trolls may thus find the Treasure useful as well).

Dog Tags (Level 3 Treasure)
Back in the 1970s, a new fad developed among dog pooka. No one knows who came up with the idea, but before long, many of these changelings had jumped on the dog tag bandwagon. Using the silver identification tags placed on their collars by their families, they created treasures with which they could keep track of those they loved. Though many of the pooka who made the treasures have long since passed beyond the Mists, their tags have survived. Each tag has the name and address of the original creator upon it, perhaps explaining why they have endured for so long. These treasures serve as scrying devices through which a changeling can view anything within the immediate vicinity. They work exactly like the Tattletale cantrip (Soothsay 3) and any changeling can use them if they meet the requirements of the cantrip.

Extinguishing Matches (Level 3 Treasure)
Don't play with matches? Ha! These are some match you should play with in the woods, for they actually prevent and extinguish fire. A favorite of bear pooka, this treasure appears as a book of ordinary matches. When a match is torn out an struck, no flame appears, only a puff of smoke. When this is done, any fire and all fire within a fifty foot radius is instantly extinguished. Furthermore, no fires can be lit within the area of effect for up to an hour (thus it can prevent fires as well).
It is a temporary treasure, for once all the matches are used, that's it. No more will magically appear in the book. So use them sparingly.

Balthazar’s Bracelets (Level 4 Treasure)
If nothing else, these matching bracelets have a delicate beauty that makes them a special addition to the stash of any pooka who likes pretty, shiny things. However, they also have a very unique benefit when worn. When placed on the wrists, they tighten of their own accord to fit smoothly over the changeling’s forearms, swirling up from wrist to elbow. If the faerie knocks once on the bracelets, they meld to the skin and become ebony tattoos that will shape-shift with the pooka when he changes to his animal mien. In that form, the tattoos simply resemble markings on the animal’s skin. Another knock and the bracelets return to their original form. The bracelets mimic the Oakenshield cantrip (Primal 3). They afford the wearer four extra health levels to protect against grievous harm. They do not hinder dexterity.

Beanstalk Beans (Level 4 Treasure)
This treasure comes in the form of a small pouch containing up to 5 beans. The beans are hard and brownish, but contain Glamour. which is obvious to anyone who Kens them. The pouch is perfectly mundane, usually made of leather.
When a bean is thrown and the user wills it, the bean will immediately sink into the ground and sprout into a huge patch of green, leafy vines. The vines cover a rough area of ten square feet per bean used (more than one bean can be used at once). The vines are real, not chimerical, and grow within a matter of seconds, reaching heights of up to ten feet.
Anyone within the area of effect becomes trapped and entangled in the vines. A Dexterity + Dodge roll (difficulty 8) is allowed if the character has an action free that round. The vines are strong (Strength 5) and tough (6 Health Levels, soak rating of 3). Anyone entering the area of effect after the vines have sprouted risk becoming entangled as well (Dex + Dodge roll to avoid this, as above). The exception is the person who used the bean(s), who may enter and leave the area freely.
The vines last for 1 hour, after which they will whiter, die and dissolve into dust. Once all the beans have been used, the treasure is gone.

Jenny's Flute (Level 4 Treasure)
Used by a cat pooka named Jenny, for whom this treasure is named, it appears as a simple nickel penny whistle. When played well (Dexterity + Performance roll at difficulty 5), it can change someone (usually mortals) into a housecat for a single night. The magical effect requires a Glamour roll opposed by the target's Banality score. If successful, the effect ends at the following dawn.
Even greater is the power to permanently change someone into a housecat. This can only happen if the player of the flute spends a permanent point of Glamour and makes the Glamour roll opposed by the target's Banality.
This treasure donated by Andrew

Cleopatra’s Wings (Level 5 Treasure)
This handsome, one-of-a-kind choker has a butterfly pendant hanging from a wide gold band that fits around the neck. Made of amber, the butterfly’s wings blush scarlet near the golden body and lighten to a warm orange near the tips. The changeling that wears the necklace gains the ability to fly in a manner similar to that of the Wind Runner cantrip (Wayfare 4). A pair of shimmery, intangible wings appear at the faerie’s back. The wings themselves have no substance and cannot be damaged. They disappear as soon as the changeling removes the choker. Unlike the Wind Runner cantrip, the flight of Cleopatra’s Wings has only one limit on duration: As long as the changeling does not remove the choker, he can fly - until the next sunrise or sunset (whichever comes first) after he dons the choker. Once used, the wings must lie dormant for 12 hours before they can be used again.
If another person successfully grapples the wearer of the choker, the wearer must first break the grapple before taking flight. The choker does not give the wearer any added strength and he must be unhindered in order to fly. Furthermore, Cleopatra’s Wings do not fly on their own and thus will not leave the wearer unless physically removed by the changeling or someone else.

Treant Flute (Level 5 Treasure)
This is a simple wooden flute, but when played near a tree, wonderous event happens. The tree (which can be of any size or age) will animate and alter shape, becoming a 'treant' for the length of one scene. Two of the tree's branches will reform into working arms with manipulative digits, and a passable face will appear in the trunk.
The treant will obey the flute player's demands, even fighting to protect her, for as long as it is animated. An average treant has Str 4, Dex 2, Sta 5, and 7 Health levels, though statistics and alter for very large trees or saplings. Treants cannot soak fire damage. An animated treant cannot move from it's spot, but will bend and stretch to reach nearby targets. At the end of the scene, the tree (unless killed or destroyed), reverts back to the way it was before. Any wounds the treant sustaineds remain unless healed magically (such as by Heather Balm). Otherwise wounds heal at a normal rate for trees.
The flute can only be used once per week.
The flute must be played well in order to animate an obediant treant (Charisma + Performance, difficulty 6). Failure casues nothing to happen, and the flute is useless for a week. A botch indicates the tree animates, but is hostile towards the user.
Pooka are loathe to risk a treant in combat, prefering to ask other tasks of the plant creature, or simply to take the opportunity to talk to a wise old oak.

Osiris’ Flail (Legendary Treasure)
Osiris, the first pharaoh of ancient Egypt, kept two symbols of power. One of these, his flail, is depicted on the sarcophagi of many of the pharaohs that followed in his footsteps. It is usually shown crossed with a crook over the chest of the dead king. The flail is a short-handled rod from which hangs a group of three leather strips decorated with wooden beads and bone. Legend states that the flail was a treasure given to Osiris by Horus, a falcon pooka. Reportedly, it recorded all of history in the chimerical carvings upon its bone and wood beads. To tap its extensive wisdom, a person simply asked a question, then touched the flail to her brow. The answer came immediately.
The last recorded appearance of the treasure was in 1970, when curators finally opened a sarcophagus left untouched for decades in the storerooms of the Smithsonian Institute. The Institute showed the flail on a flyer advertising objects due for display in the museum. The picture of the flail caught the attention of many pooka. It exactly resembled the flail that had disappeared so long ago. Furthermore, its release from the sarcophagus was like lifting a shroud off a beacon. Changelings for miles kenned its glow. This triggered the belief that it was indeed Osiris’ Flail. Many tried to get in to see it. Pooka traveled from around the world to Washington, DC. Unfortunately, the treasure never made it into the display. It disappeared and no one has reported seeing it since.
Many changelings, and other interested parties, seek this item for the power it would bestow upon its owner. Imagine having all the world’s knowledge at your fingertips. Though some changeling scholars claim that anyone who used the item would likely find insanity before they would find enlightenment, there are many others who believe the flail could impart wisdom, wealth and happiness beyond compare - if the right questions were asked of it. And who better to ask questions than pooka? Others claim that the only knowledge that within the flail is historical and stopped being relevant with the fall of the Egyptian Pharaohs. No one has ever determined whether the knowledge it imparts is truth or Pooka-ese.