Frogs & Toads
Hedgehogs & Porcupines
Koala Bears
Monkeys & Chimps
Moose, Deer & Musk Oxen
Mountain Goat, Ibex & Chamois
Otters & Other Small Mammals
Turtles & Tortoises

Armadillos: This small armored animal rarely has to worry about getting hurt, and neither does the pooka who has an affinities for it. Quite a few of these pooka are found in Texas.
RF: 2

Bats: The world's only flying mammal, bats often instill fear in mortals due to the legends connecting them to vampires. Bat pooka quite often have wings in their fae miens, and bad eyesight but keen ears. Rarer though, is the bat pooka who displays the power of echolocation in her fae mien (better known as "bat radar"). Some of these pooka have also been known to have a taste for blood, but most tend to resent being called vampires.
RF: 2

Bears: Large and usually gentle, bear pooka are not quite as rare as most fae would think. These pooka tend to be large and burly (and hairy) in their fae miens, and often have a taste for salmon and honey. While they are slow to anger, a pissed-off bear pooka can make even a troll think twice about engaging him. They typically have poor eyesight, but sharp noses.
RF: 2

Birds: Penguins, peacocks, cardinals, blue jays, splendid fairy wrens, geese, pelicans, kingfishers, warblers. These less common birds are grouped together here. Penguin pooka are notably fine dressers, and peacock pooka are notoriously vain.
For more birds, see the Common, Exotic and Rare categories.
RF: 2

Fish: Pantherfish, blue tang, filefish, sea bass, angelfish, rock beauty, Spanish hogfish, lookdown, moonfish, short big-eye, yellowbelly hamlet, scrawled cowfish, rainbow parrotfish, queen triggerfish, silver king tarpon, puffer fish, African pompano, red hind, pirahna, mudskipper. These fish pooka, like their more common cousins, are excellent swimmers and often have chimerical gills.
For more fish, see the Common, Exotic and Rare categories.
RF: 2

Foxes, Coyotes & Hyenas: Sly and cunning, these larger mammals make excellent pooka.
Almost always displaying bushy tails and ears, fox pooka usually have the trademark cleverness of their affinity (or at least they think they do). These pooka like chicken a lot.
Coyote and Hyena are scavengers, and survive on their wits. Hyena pooka have shown a disturbing taste for carrion and rather wicked sounding laughter.
RF: 2

Frogs & Toads: With strong legs and sticky tongues, these pooka are not always the most popular ("Ewww, a toad!"). Many of these pooka have long prehensile tongues even in their fae miens, and have an odd taste for flies. Almost all are incredible leapers and swimmers. However, despite what their follow pooka say, licking a toad pooka has no narcotic effects.
RF: 2

Hedgehogs & Porcupines: These animals have one of the greatest defenses around. Their coats of quills make them dangerous to touch. Pooka of these affinities often have the same defense in their fae miens, with chimerical quills bristling along their backs and arms. Despite such a dangerous physical abnormality, they are rarely violent.
RF: 2

Koala Bears: Fae are suprised this affinity isn't rarer. Koala pooka are suprisingly abundant, probably due to their cute, cuddly quality, and many are found outside of Australia despite popular belief. Such pooka are excellent tree climbers and do indeed have a taste for eucalyptus leaves.
RF: 2

Monkeys and Chimps: Humanity's distant cousins, monkeys have many advantages over other animal affinities. This category includes spider monkeys, slender loris and chimpanzees. Rarer simians are found in other divisions. With working hands, prehensile tails and incredible agility, Monkey Pooka in their fae miens are often known to have prehensile feet and tails (Chimpanze pooka don't have tails, of course).
RF: 2

Moose, Deer and Musk Oxen These large mammal are generally laid-back and serene beings, but can do soem damage when spooked or provoked. No one wants to be struck by moose antlers. And regardless of jokes, no moose pooka has ever been named Bullwinkle.
RF: 2

Moutain Goats, Ibex and Chamois: These wild goats and goat-like animals dwell in mountainous regions throughout the world. Pooka of these affinities are notably sure-footed. (Standard goats are found under Farm Animals in the Common Affinities section.)
RF: 2

Otters & other Small Mammals: Otters, beavers, weasels, ferrets, lemmings, voles, meercats, tapirs & muskrats. This category includes all these small mammals. More than one beaver pooka has worked in some capacity with rivers, while lemming pooka are invariably followers. Meercat pooka enjoy singing "Hakuna Matata" whenever possible, especially with a warthog pooka should they find one to pal around with.
RF: 2

Reptiles: This category includes many lizards, salamanders, newts, mudpuppies and iguanas. Many fae find them rather disturbing to hang around, but they are generally a harmless bunch.
For more reptiles, see Lizards in the Exotic page, and Alligators & Crocidiles in the Rare page.
RF: 2

Snakes: Here you will fine many common snakes: copperheads, rattlesnakes, coral snakes, garden snakes and grass snakes. Few of these are poisonous (the copperhead and rattler being obvious exceptions).
For more snakes, see the Exotic page.
RF: 2

Turtles & Tortoises These pooka seem to appear slow in their thoughts and actions, even though they are not. They do tend to be shy (except for the snapping turtle variety). An incredible feature is the turle or tortoise pooka that he or she has a shell in his fae mien. This shell is hard and solid, and acts as a form of armor!
RF: 2